4 Mommy Bloggers to Follow on Social Media

4 Mommy Bloggers to Follow on Social Media

Inspirational bloggers who share the joys of momming as well as the struggles.

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Bloggers aren’t just influencers who post ads and sponsored content all day as a means for the next paycheck. Even if most of them appear to be, they are real people just like us. Finding others that you can relate to makes a world of difference—curating the content you’re exposed to on social media is also one of the healthiest ways to engage.

Representation is complex in the digital world and outside of it, and while there is a lack, there are more black bloggers and influencers today than there were years ago. Whether you’re a first-time mom looking for postpartum tips, new baby gadgets, real-life lessons, or another online community, these black mom bloggers provide you with a sense of connection.

5 bloggers to check out in your free time:


Listen! I have never seen someone make momming look so cool! As an entrepreneur and single mother of two little ones, she is constantly on the go, but makes time for fun with her babies and most importantly herself. I stumbled across Felicia La Tour’s Instagram page a few years ago and all I can say is “relatable content.” She doesn’t shy away from showing the joys and sorrows of life and motherhood.

Her approach to life is uplifting and genuine. Not everybody’s got it like that, but she constantly reminds her followers that its perfectly okay to be figuring out this mom thing, health, and wellness.


Working out is hard right? Well, this mama not only looks fabulous putting in the work, she displays all of the highs and lows you may feel on your journey back to your post-baby body. As a stay-at-home wife and mother of two, Eva has been able to turn her lifestyle into a lucrative business as an influencer.

Her instructional workout videos on her Instagram page walk you through different exercises to improve common afterbirth changes like diastasis recti. Her encouragement to embrace your new life as a mom and whatever body created from birthing is an inspiration to see. I look forward to every post!


I remember learning so much about social justice as a child. My mother and grandmother instilled some life lessons that would serve as a backdrop for many experiences I’ve had. Dr. Traci Baxley’s social media presence is a necessary one. Guiding parents through tough conversations about inequality and purposeful parenting to ensure children live their best lives.

She explains that her page is “a place for anyone who is open-hearted, open-minded, and who finds themselves wanting to be more intentional in the ways they show up for the kids in their lives.” As we know parenting is not just about discipline and rewards. It’s also about giving kids the tools they need to treat everyone with kindness and compassion. An important piece for a better world!


I joke about twins being a one-and-done situation haha. Yet, this is some mother’s reality, such as mommy blogger Kayla Eubanks. As a boy mom to twins, a wife, and an autism teacher she is doing her thing. Her realistic view of the world and what she shares are what I appreciate and enjoy most.

When I view her page, it feels like I’m engaging with one of my friends. If twin cuteness, watching babies grow, and Black Boy Joy is what you’re looking to consume this is the perfect place to start.

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