Certified yoga instructors Dr. Josephine Pugh and Russia Chavis, MA, explore Her Health First’s mission with discussions around the concept of thriving and not just surviving through pregnancy, childbirth, parenthood, and beyond. Through interviews and real-life experiences, this podcast will help you understand all things Her Health First. In addition, how to cope with parenthood setbacks and accomplishments—simultaneously, working to overcome the challenges African American women face leading to higher infant mortality rates and the urgency for more positive pregnancy experiences.

Tune in for a breakdown of HHF’s pregnancy coaches, doula, lactation support, health, and wellness services. In-depth discussions regarding racial biases in the healthcare system, postpartum stages of motherhood, and preparation for labor and delivery. With each episode, the goal is for you to walk away enlightened and hopeful that you can reclaim the life experiences that you deserve.

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