Honoring Motherhood at all Stages

Honoring Motherhood at all Stages

Photo by Jameel Pugh

As a woman who doesn’t have children but knows many mothers, I enjoy hearing the different perspectives and thoughts on motherhood. I’m intrigued by the emotions and explanations of how valuable parenthood is.

First-time mom Alondra Harmon-Smith has “no complaints about being a mother.” I spoke with Ms. Harmon-Smith via phone, you know, since Omicron has reared its ugly head and is running rampant. Our conversation was predictably refreshing.

I don’t know many women who have no criticisms about being a parent, but I am here for it all. It’s positive and ideal, and we need more accounts of women enjoying it through and through, especially Black women.

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is” -Oprah

When asked what her hopes and dreams are for her baby, Ms. Harmon-Smith explained, “I just want him to be happy and satisfied with whatever he decides to do with his life. Be safe and stay out of trouble.” So simple, pure, and what I’m sure most parents desire for their children.

To be a mother is to strengthen yourself as an individual and your child. It’s a love like no other. While it may sometimes be challenging, it’s also rewarding.

Programs like Black Mothers United serve as a foundation for a better motherhood journey and ensure that mothers get as close as possible to the experience they’ve always dreamed of. Ms. Harmon-Smith can attest as she shared that the most helpful advice, she has received from her pregnancy coach is “to be patient, with everyone else, with myself and my son.” These reminders are necessary to achieve a healthy pregnancy and life.

When becoming a mother, societal factors don’t just disappear. They are sometimes escalated because you are now responsible for someone else. Support is more important than ever and can change the trajectory of you and your baby’s lives forever.

As stated previously, this discussion is a beautiful demonstration of how every journey is different but lovely in its own way.

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