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International Women’s Day: Do it for the Culture!

March 9, 2022
It’s Women’s History month! More specifically, March 8th is International Women’s Day. I had the pleasure of discussing the importance of preserving culture with mother of the program Dajon King....

Achieving the Pregnancy Experience, You Always Wanted

February 27, 2022
Be open to help and support as it could change your experience for the better The saying “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” is one of the most accurate statements...

The Significance of Support for Black Expecting Mothers

February 21, 2022
Support is the catalyst for a healthy happy journey One thing that is essential to mothers is support! Whether it comes from family, friends, or a partner, it truly makes...

Black Mother’s and Resiliency: Highlights from a BMU Mother’s Pregnancy Journey

January 29, 2022
On the other side of strength is a softness that all Black moms should experience. I am always in awe of what we as women undergo in general, but the...

Honoring Motherhood at all Stages

January 24, 2022
As a woman who doesn’t have children but knows many mothers, I enjoy hearing the different perspectives and thoughts on motherhood. I’m intrigued by the emotions and explanations of how...

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