Pregnant?  Have questions?  Need Help?  That’s what Black Mothers United is all about!

Why?  Because our babies matter!

Funding for Black Mothers United is provided by the First 5 Sacramento Commission which uses Proposition 10 (tobacco tax) funds to support the healthy development of children ages zero through five. Additional information about the First 5 Sacramento Commission is online at or by calling 916-876-5865.

Black Mothers United (BMU) is a free community-driven one-on-one support and mentorship program for pregnant, African American women in Sacramento County. Our focus is on improving these young women’s pregnancy and birth outcomes.

We are located in mid-town Sacramento at 4625 44th Street. Our program is administered by the Center of Community Health and Well Being, Inc. (CCHWB) and is funded by First 5 Sacramento Commission.

The funding provided by First 5 Sacramento Commission was first received by CCHWB, Inc. in January 2014, and enrollment officially began in May 2014.

BMU’s overall goals are to
  • serve at least 550 pregnant African American women in Sacramento County from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018, and 
  • increase the number of African American women who enter prenatal care early (before first trimester), and 
  • decrease the number of babies born prematurely or low birth weights.

This is important because African American babies are twice as likely to be born with a low birth weight as infants of other racial or ethnic groups. In fact, African American babies are more than 1 1/2 times more likely to be born prematurely than white babies. By reducing problem birth outcomes, the program hopes to contribute to improved rates for infant survival.

BMU is comprised of several components – Personal Advocates, Community Partnerships, Presentations and Community Events, Community Outreach and Education, Case Management and Care Planning and last, but not least, BMU Participants.

Personal Advocates provide education, transportation and referrals to vital community resources to assist our moms in having the healthiest pregnancies and birth outcomes possible. 

All components when working harmoniously together play an integral role in promoting the birth of healthy babies.


  • Pregnant African-American Woman
  • Resident of Sacramento County