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How can we help?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the income requirements for the program?

There are no income requirements. We provide services for African American women in Sacramento County.

Are pregnancy coaches present during delivery?

83% of our staff have been certified as doulas, but we also collaborate with backup doulas. Depending upon the hospital policies, doulas will attend client delivery (either in person or virtually) to provide labor support and encourage mother-baby bonding.

Do you help with daycare?

Yes, we do. We will refer you to head start program services and connect you to your DHA worker to provide daycare resources.

How long can I participate in this program?

The program services pregnant African American women 30 weeks or less through the 4th trimester and into the postpartum stages.

Do you offer housing and assistance?

Our pregnancy coaches will assist you with your social service needs and refer you to housing agents.

Is there a resource for baby clothing, diapers, car seat, etc.?

Upon admission into the program, we will complete an assessment to understand your current and urgent needs. After your evaluation is complete, you will receive referrals to basic needs such as car seats, cribs, and other products needed for your baby.

What are the benefits of doula services?

Doulas are proven to significantly improve the pregnancy and birth experience by decreasing chances of c-section, low-birth weight in babies, and increase the likelihood of mothers breastfeeding their babies. Their presence leads to fewer birth complications and trauma during childbirth.

Can I use all Black Mothers United services?

The goal is for you to use all the services, but it is not mandatory. You are required to attend weekly check-ins with your pregnancy coach that can last up to 30 minutes.

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