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Black Mothers United is a celebration of Black motherhood and is a safe space to illuminate Black existence. We offer a community-based network of support that empowers Black women during their pregnancy and into the beautiful world of motherhood. Our goal is to guarantee you have access to quality healthcare and social services.

Doula Care

A doula is a trained professional who supports moms and mom-to-be before, during, and after childbirth.

Lactation Support

The breastfeeding process can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We connect you with lactation consultants

Health and Wellness

Our program offers a holistic approach to health which includes meditation, prenatal yoga, and nutrition education to encourage healthy living

Mommy Mingles

Sis we’re here for you! Join a community with a no-judgment zone where you feel valued. We discuss motherhood
What our mothers say

Client Testimonials

I just love my Pregnacy Coach she helped with so much in making things easy on me in dad. just talking about experiences and what to expect with a newborn. I recommend BMU in All the coaches are amazing

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