The Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise During Your Pregnancy

The Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Ways to stay healthy on your pregnancy journey

Brandy McDowell – September 9, 2021

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I used to envision pregnancy as a vacation. I felt it was a chance to lay around on the couch and watch television all day with not much to worry about except eating for two. I was wrong! Staying healthy during pregnancy is as equally crucial as resting during pregnancy.

Did you know that in most cases it is safe to exercise? Especially for those who worked out regularly prior to getting pregnant. As always, it is imperative to have the doctor’s approval before working out, but activity is essential to healthy living.

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, physical activity can improve your pregnancy experience by reducing the risk of gestational diabetes, preterm birth, c-section birth and operative vaginal delivery, and postpartum recovery time.

The development of PMADs (Perinatal or Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders) is also decreased when engaging in physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The physiological changes aren’t the only thing that needs to be nurtured, but also your mind. Exercise helps improve your mood, and around 2 ½ hours is recommended each week for pregnant women.

A few ways to include physical activity into your health regimen:

  • Go for a walk. Most people don’t have access to a gym or ways to get there, but simply walking for 15 minutes a day can make a difference.
  • Do prenatal yoga. You can obtain a list of free local yoga classes via the internet, or if you don’t have transportation, you can find yoga instructors on YouTube to practice.
  • Swim! If you have access to a pool, swimming and water workouts are not only efficient but fun.
  • Aerobics classes, which you can find on YouTube as well.

Again, if you plan on beginning a workout or physical routine make sure you inform your doctor to assess what is appropriate or not for your body.

To maintain a healthy weight staying active is critical as excessive weight gain causes risks and complications that can affect you and your baby. Exercising and engaging in physical activity is not always easy during and after pregnancy, but rewarding and can change your overall pregnancy experience for the better.

*Warning, any information in this app is from non-medical professionals and serves purely for advice purposes. Please consult with your doctor for any medical advice.

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